Spasibo Club

Hotel room, facilities and hotel services booking service.

System consists of two parts: customer and administrator applications. No matter what vendor size is, system fits wide range of businesses: from small hostels to big hotels.

Customer booking interface was designed in SAAS realm. Customizable design which can be adapted to any vendor.

Wizard-type multi-steps flow gives options on room and other services provided by vendor.

Administrator's interface is very simple and allows administrator to see the full picture of rooms availability.

Managing prices, availability and how many rooms are pushed to external channels like and others aggregators.


E-mail or SMS notifications about bookings. SMS helps those hotels which located in rural areas to get notified about upcoming visitors or cancelled bookings.

Web site describing the service. You can request demo access within short form.

Service is free. Right. Zero.

Icon set.

Company: InternetLab, 2013