Small restaurant order, delivery, and resources management.

This is a HTML-based software for those who is running their restaurant business and want to have simple yet powerful system to manage everything from order management to what needs to be reordered to keep the kitchen running.

System was designed to be easily used on touch devices such as POS terminals or touch-enabled displays.

Operator receiving the order is able to dispatch it to a delivery person and print a route map for the driver to be picked up along with an ordered items.

Chicago is a multi-user platform. Operators, resource supervisors, waiters and management have different roles and functionality.

When kitchen is being stocked up, there is a fast way to register arrival.

Along with "what's in the fridge" system keeps all recipes and whenever there is an order it reduces all resources accordingly.

Initially designed for a small local pizzeria. Here is it's website.

Company: InternetLab, 2013